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A BIG shout-out to Apple Vacations.  They are a great company.  Professional, affordable and fun, that´s a combination that is hard to beat!  I am doing some private events for them this year and I am always impressed with their commitment and level of service.  If you are thinking about a getaway, Defintely give them a chance to make your vacation the best ever.  Enjoy the music , be well, and trust the gift inside you.



Chris Blizzard - Moonlight & Roses

Chris Blizzard: Moonlight & Roses

Chris Blizzard - Songs My Grandmother Used To Sing

Chris Blizzard: Songs My Grandmother Used To Sing

Chris Blizzard - Its Christmas Time Again

Chris Blizzard: It

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10 timeless Hymns of the Faith.  In this outing Chris explores the music of his spiritual roots in both Traditional and Contemporary offerings.  Buy one song or the full CD.